1911/2011 Full Length Guide Rod Takedown Pin With O-Ring
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 An increasing number of 1911 and 2011-style pistols are using a full length guide rod that requires the insertion if a pin to capture the reverse plug during disassembly.  While some guys will fashion a pin from a paper clip, our solution is more elegant and durable.

We had a bunch of pins made from stainless steel alloy spring wire.  The wire is approximately 1mm thick with a 6mm leg that goes into the hole and measures 64mm overall.  We include a Viton O-Ring to secure the pin against the guide rod.  Insert the pin and then roll the o-ring over the pin and guide rod to hold it in place while you work.

These work great and you can afford to pick up a few at our price.


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1911/2011 Full Length Guide Rod Takedown Pin With O-Ring

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