#10x1-1/4 Stainless Pan Head Slotted Screws 10pk Black Blemished
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These are #10 wood screws that are 1-1/4" long made from stainless steel.  They have a slotted pan head with an 82 degree countersink angle.  The only issue is that the black oxide finish did not stick consistently so I am selling these as blemished,  There is nothing wrong with them mechanically - just the finish and are very competitively priced because of the volume I need to move.

If you look at the close up photos, you can see how the black oxide finish is not consistent.  Again, mechanically they are solid.

These are priced per 10 screw pack and I do have volume price breaks listed.

  • Item #: 10x1.25StainlessPanBlackBlem10pk

#10x1-1/4 Stainless Pan Head Slotted Screws 10pk Black Blemished

Price: $2.99
2 or more: $2.89 each
4 or more: $2.79 each
6 or more: $2.69 each
8 or more: $2.59 each
10 or more: $2.49 each
15 or more: $2.39 each
20 or more: $2.29 each
25 or more: $2.19 each
50 or more: $2.09 each
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