Used Windlass 16-7/8" Khukuri with Cool Patina on the Blade
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A fellow sold me this used Windlass khukuri and said it was his father's.  I found the patina on the blade interesting am not sure about the age so I just left it alone.  It's quite interesting actually.  Windlass has been a government contractor in India for khukuris for quite a while.  This blade is fully functional and would definitely make for some interesting discussions.

The sheath is remarkably well made from heavy leather.  Some khukuri sheaths have paper thin leather but not this one.

It comes with the blade and sheath - there are no provisions in the sheath for a chakmak or karda.


Overall length:  16-7/8" approximately

Blade length:  12"

Blade thickness:  0.235"

Handle length:  4-7/8" including the end cap

Khukuri weight: 1 pound 5 oz

Total weight of khukuri and sheath:  1 pound 13 oz


Legal Stuff:

We do not export our products.

The buyer is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. By purchasing this blade, you expressly acknowledge that you can legally do so and also accept sole responsibility for its safe use. 


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Used Windlass 16-7/8" Khukuri with Cool Patina on the Blade

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