Russian Vepr Furniture Set - Buttstock, Grip and Forearm
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This is our base Vepr furniture set that will fit the '01 and '02 (integral sight) rifles with the slanted receivers (not the newer straight receivers).  It includes the forearm, buttstock, grip and grip screw. A number of options are listed for your consideration.  We make the forearm, grip and buttstock here in the United States by hand so they definitely count as 922r parts plus we stand behind what we make!!

The urethane plastic used is high-strength and temperature resistant plus it is machinable.  As such, you can use wood working tools to cut, drill, sand or polish however you want.  One of the reasons we designed the stock set the way we did is to give people the flexibility to change the stock with tools they likely have.

If you like woodworking, the stock can be modified to work with a straight back receiver by removing the elevated material that fills in the "notch" that is missing from slant cut receivers.  The plastic can be removed via milling machine, router, file or sander.  As the saying goes, take your time and test/measure over and over.  Please understand that we can't accept returns or give refunds on modified items.

The length of the buttstock from receiver to the end is approximately 9-1/2 to 9-5/8" depending on sanding.

Average Weights:

Forearm = 0.8 pounds

Buttstock = 1.3 pounds

Grip = 0.20-0.30 pounds depending on the model you get

We include the fasteners for the various parts plus a special custom spacer required to get the forearm angle correct.

While you have the option of ordering the buttstock without a recoil pad, please note that it MUST have a recoil pad of some type to protect the hard plastic from being slammed into rocks, etc.  One could make a recoil pad out of any number of materials, but that is something you will need to do as we will not warrant the buttstock from damage due to lack of a recoil pad.  Of course, we'd like you to buy the recoil pad from us and tried to price them reasonably.  

Note, we will supply #10 high-strength alloy screws to secure the buttstock to the trunnion.  The holes should be drilled with a #21 bit (0.1590").  Because the plastic is very strong, think of it as working with hardwood.  You need the right size holes for the screws or you are apt to snap the screw, crack the plastic, etc.This price includes the base Vepr buttstock, grip and forearm.  The recoil pad, cheek piece, slings studs and sling are optional accessories that will require you to install them.  The cheekpiece option uses #8 screws and should be drilled with a #29 bit (0.1360")

Important: this furniture will require fitting to install and drilling of the screw holes.  We've really improved the furniture since its introduction to make things easier but please do not buy it unless you are comfortable doing such work.  The plastic used is machinable and can be cut, drilled, sanded and polished using common woodworking grade tools.

Please note - this is for the furniture only.  The rifle is not included.

We custom make all of our grips and furniture for each order.  Because of this, our lead-time is usually at least four weeks and we post our order lead time on the home page of our website.  Please check the lead-time before ordering.  We had to add this as many folks are getting links from friends straight to our products and not realizing that we custom make everything.

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Russian Vepr Furniture Set - Buttstock, Grip and Forearm

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