Ronin's Grips Extreme Duty 16" Ang Khola Khukuri
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This is a completely custom hand-made khukuri that is built to last. It is 16" overall with a 10-1/4" blade that is a 1/2" thick. That's not a typo - the spine is a 1/2" thick. It was forged by Deepak Sunar's kamis and is built for extreme use.
The design is meant to be functional with a post-apocalyptic feel. In other words, everything is about function and is deliberagely meant to not be polished / look like it came from a store.

The blade is 5160 high carbon steel made by hand and differentially tempered. It has been blasted, acid etched and then sealed with boiled linseeed oil (BLO) and wax with Silicone on top. You will need to keep the blade lightly oiled - it is not stainless. Note, there is enough steel here that rust will just add character :-)

The handle is super strong black canvas micarta that is specially mated to the blade using glass reinforced black epoxy through a process I have spent years refining. The handle's shape and grind are designed to enable retention of the blade regardless of blood or weather.

The sheath is my custom cross-draw design made from thick 0.093" Kydex. The belt fastener is a large Tek-Lok and with the holes being on 3/4" centers, Molle-Loks and even strapping the sheath to a pack or vest is possible.

Heavy duty type IV paracord is included for the lanyard and the sheath.

From the start, this blade and sheath were meant to be by your side and work no matter what.


Overall length: 16" approximately
Blade length: 10-1/4"
Handle length: Just under 5-7/8" including the black steel bolster
Spine: 1/2"

Weight of just the blade: 2 pounds
Total Weight: 2 pounds 9 oz

Legal Stuff:
We do not export our products.

The buyer is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. By purchasing this blade, you expressly acknowledge that you can legally do so and also accept sole responsibility for its safe use.

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Ronin's Grips Extreme Duty 16" Ang Khola Khukuri

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