Handsome 8" Antique Cast Iron Cleaver for Display Use
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This is a handsome antique cast iron cleaver with and 8" blade and is 14-1/2" overall. The cleaver was cleaned up and the handle repaired with glass fiber reinforced aerospace epoxy. The blade was acid etched and then everything sealed with a mix of boiled linseed oil (BLO) and turpentine.

When the blade was cleaned, I noticed a vertical crack in the cast iron near the rear of the cleaver.  It's impossible to say how well the blade would hold up with use on that back edge.   The crack is on one side and does not appear to go through from left to right.  The last photo shows a close up of the crack.

Because of the noted crack, I would recommend this cleaver be for display and conversation purposes. 


Overall length: 14-1/2 approx
Blade length: 8"
Blade Material: Cast Iron
Handle length: About 6-1/8" including the ferrule
Handle material: Appears to be a hardwood

Weight of the cleaver: 1 lb 10 oz

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Handsome 8" Antique Cast Iron Cleaver for Display Use

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